Used for listed equity securities. System used in an auction market, in which the first bid or offer price is executed before other bid and offer prices, even if subsequent orders are larger. NYSE rules stipulate that the bid made first should be executed first, or if two bids came in at once, the bid for the large number of shares receives "priority." The bid not executed is then turned to the broker, who informs the customer that the trade was not completed because there was stock ahead. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
See: standing. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
This determines the order in which a member's transactions will be settled within CREST once the intended settlement date has been reached. Priorities are either automatically assigned or selected by the member. Priorities range from 0 - 99 with higher priority transactions, e.g. 90 settling before lower priorities, e.g. 50. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary

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priority pri‧or‧i‧ty [praɪˈɒrti ǁ -ˈɔːr-] noun priorities PLURALFORM [countable]
1. the thing that is more important than anything else, and that needs attention first:

• Cost-cutting measures continue to be the first priority at the company.

• The measures dominated Finland's economic priorities.

• A free-trade pact with Mexico should be a top priority.

2. be given/​have/​get/​take/​ priority to be considered more important or needing more attention than anything else and therefore dealt with first:

• Workers accepting redundancy will have priority for jobs elsewhere at G.M.

• American Express cardholders will be given priority booking at Forte hotels.

• Criminal cases take priority over civil suits.

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priority UK US /praɪˈɒrəti/ noun (plural priorities)
[C] something that you do or deal with first because it is more important or urgent than other things: »

The company focuses on business priorities that make a difference: intense commitment to customer service and maintaining low costs.


strategic/corporate priorities


spending/financial/investment priorities

a top/number one/first priority »

For the Internal Revenue Service, protection of taxpayers' data is a top priority.

a high/clear priority »

Regulators, both globally and locally, need to define clearer priorities.

sb's priority is to do sth »

At the moment, our priority is to recruit high-calibre employees to supplement the existing staff.

make sth a priority »

Union representatives are anxious to make healthcare benefits a priority for their workers over the next few months.

identify/set/establish priorities »

The bank's board of directors was criticized for failing to set priorities.

a list/set of priorities »

Tackling the issue of World debt relief will be high on the list of priorities at next week's summit.

[U] the state or fact of being the most important job or aim, compared to other jobs or aims: high/low/top priority »

Euro MPs are now demanding higher priority for climate change policy.

take/have/get priority (over sth) »

Under certain circumstances, there may be special requirements that take priority over all others.

give sth priority/give priority to sth »

Both countries have given priority to corporate investment.

a priority area/sector »

Products across twelve priority sectors are now being traded freely between member states.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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